About Heckroodt and Associates


Heckroodt & Associates is a leading and dynamic law firm situated in Waterkloof Pretoria.

Our firm is a commercial law firm specializing primarily in high court litigation but also assist various legal fields in general.

Our firms morals are based on trust and integrity.

Our firm is recognized for professional legal services of the highest caliber, we draw our unique knowledge of the African business environment and in depth understanding of the social political climate, to advise clients on a wide range of technical legal issues.

Our approach to corporate law is fresh and innovative. With 10 years of experience to draw on, we help our clients manage the risks inherent in bringing high deals home-safely, smoothly and with uncompromising professional diligence.


A unique component of any legal firm is its clients and their vision. Our clients aspire to embrace opportunities that spring from the changing world economy.

Our vision is to be at the forefront with them.

Our core values are the principles we hold in high regard and we have invested time, energy and resources in identifying and promoting a set of core values. People from all parts of our business were involved in developing them.


At our firm we believe that planning for the future is crucial to the success of any business.

At this stage we are busy with vast marketing for loss of support claims in various African communities, we feel that the emotional stress of losing a loved one in a tragic accident is already a burden and we are planning on assisting these communities with the financial implications.

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